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How to Start a Gift Wrapping Business

unduhan-22On the off chance that somebody leaves a blessing with you for wrapping, give them a receipt of the substance, and both of you sign on it. The exact opposite thing you would need is somebody to dishonestly blame you for taking some costly things like gems, devices, cell phone, watches, and so forth.

Most people want gifts to be wrapped for various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, weddings, farewells, baby showers, etc. They are ready to pay a good amount if they get quality service at their convenience and within their time limit. Not only this, but it is also a very creatively satisfying business. Hence, if you are planning to start a gift wrapping business, it can prove to be a highly profitable venture.

Business Plan

Have a business plan in place before starting any kind of business. Start with a trendy name for the business which you will have to register as ‘doing business as.’ You will have to determine if you will start the business at home or get a proper business place. Also, you will have to decide about the budget of investment and where you will be sourcing it from. You will also need a marketing strategy in place that will help you get maximum customers. Also, conduct a market research and try to study the rates of competitors before you decide on yours.

Get Training

It is highly advisable that you get training for understanding various kinds of gift wrappings. You can do this by attending classes or watching online videos and DVDs. Remember that no one will shell out a good amount of money for an unprofessional wrapping that resembles something that their 5-year-old child could have done. Also, wrapping asymmetrical shapes requires special practice. To add a sophisticated and professional touch to your business, it is advisable to get trained. You can even work with a person who is into a similar venture to gain knowledge about the different types of gift wrappings.

Source Supplies

You will have to source supplies like different types of wrapping papers with prints for various occasions and target customers. For example, you will have to get cartoon wrapping papers for children or cosmetic-imprinted ones for teenage girls. You can also have Christmas specials. Have sophisticated ones for weddings, baby showers, etc. For corporate gifts, get neutral shades. You can also get plain wrapping papers, organza, and tissue. You will also have to add ribbons and trims of various colors, sizes, prints, and shapes. Getting ribbons and trims in colors which will go with all neutral ones can help save on costs. Don’t buy gaudy paper colors and designs. You will also need scissors, tissues, cellophane, clear tape, etc. If you are planning to attach small figures like Christmas trees, stars, Santa Claus, etc., you can buy those as well. One of the most important things to order is boxes in various shapes and sizes for fitting all the gifts comfortably, especially the asymmetrical ones.


In the initial days, try not to spend too much on expensive material. Tap in wholesalers for all the raw materials mentioned above. You can also visit dollar stores, discount outlets, and clearance sales to stock your inventory. Whatever you do, please do not buy more than what is required, as the trend may change within a few months and you may end up wasting money. Also, storage of raw materials can become a concern.


In all probability, leasing or buying a store in a high-end area may be difficult for you. This business gives you an option of working from the confines of your home. However, you will make better business if you work from a store which will have a better customer visibility. For example, you can have a store in a commercial mall. If a long-term store is expensive, you can set a small kiosk, stall, or pop-up store. You can even have temporary stores during peak business seasons. As people will buy gifts, they will come to your store for wrapping. This way, you will earn a lot. Have a striking display to invite customer attention.

Hire and Train Employees

If you have many visitors coming in, you will need to hire at least one more person who can help customers. However, ensure that the employee has received good training and is creative at wrapping gifts. He/she should also be willing to work till late during the holiday season as that is the time when you will get maximum clients.

Know the Trends

It is essential that you keep abreast with the different types of gift wrapping trends. One of the best ways to find this is visiting websites of famous gift wrapping services. You may find that a certain kind of wrapping is trending during a holiday season. Personalize the business, and start something new which will make people flock to your store. See how you can bring about variations, and make your gift wrapping business stand out. If you have the budget and liking, you can even source some material from other countries to give them a unique look and feel. It can be anything like small figurines, bells, sparkle, bows, ribbons, etc., and ensure that the final package will be very impressive.

Pricing Policy

In the beginning, try to keep your prices slightly lower than your competitors as you would like to establish your business. Fix the prices of wrapping gifts based on the size of the gift, material used, and complexity of the wrapping. If the cost of gift wrapping a small package is turning out to be $2, add $2 as your profit and charge them $4. If you are working on holiday evenings or if it is a gift wrapping emergency, you can go ahead and charge a little extra. Also, if you are delivering the gift as well, don’t forget to add your traveling cost to it. If someone needs to put the wrapped gift in a trendy carrier bag, don’t give it for free; rather charge for it. However, if you receive bulk gift wrapping orders, you will have to reduce the cost. You can also implement a pricing strategy where they will have to make a purchase for some minimum dollars. However, you may run the risk of losing out on customers due to this. So, take your call carefully.

Business Expansion Strategy

Meet up and promote your business with corporate gift vendors, wedding planners, event managers, mall managers, etc. These are the people who have a lot of bulk gift wrapping orders. Forge strategic alliances and partnerships with these people so that you will have work throughout the year and not just during the regular gift-giving season.Apart from wrapping gifts, also offer other items like festoons, balloons, candles, small gifts, etc. All this will help in raising your profit. Have a toll-free number in place so that people can call you up for placing orders.

Go the Internet Way

First of all, have a customer-friendly website which will give wonderful photos of your gift wrappings with costs based on the size. Ensure that people will be able to place an order through this website. If you have customer testimonials about your creativity and on-time delivery, mention them on your website. Create social media pages for your business, and have regular interaction with your customers. Add various designs and tutorials to make the pages popular, engaging, and informative.


Advertising is crucial for making people aware of your business. If you are a part of a home-based business, it becomes all the more important that you advertise to get the prospective customer’s attention. Put up signages and posters, hand out flyers, have web banners, etc., to let people know about your venture. You can also promote your business by giving free gift wrappings for a certain number. Most of the promotion for this business happens through word-of-mouth. So, ensure you have satisfied customers.

Always keep a big smile on your face, and greet your customers happily. Keep a feedback register; this way, you can know how the customers are finding your service, and you will also get hold of their contact details. You can then set a contact program before holiday season, Valentine’s Day, etc., and inform them about your new services again. Whatever you do, ensure that it is convenient for your customers and they are satisfied.

Tips to Start a Gym Business

unduhan-23Have you been contemplating beginning your own particular rec center? On the off chance that yes, there are sure essential strides like making a secure marketable strategy, sourcing stores, designating a business space, and numerous others which you will need to embrace for setting up your own particular wellness studio. Continuously comprehend the inclinations of your objective market before settling on these variables.

Obesity is growing at an alarming rate among children and adults in the U.S. It is compounded by unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles. Understanding the gravity of the situation, the U.S. government has declared obesity as an epidemic in 2009.

On the other hand, many young girls and boys are becoming increasingly conscious about looking good and having perfect bodies. In such a scenario, starting a gym will ‘work-out’ as a viable option and ensure a lucrative business. Gym business requires detailed planning and involves a huge amount of money, so one must be cautious in taking any step towards jump-starting the business. However, calculated financial risks, backed by customer satisfaction and integration of latest fitness trends can generate good revenues from a gym.
Gym as a Promising Venture

According to a report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35.7% American adults are obese, and it is likely to increase to 42% by 2030.

As per the Physical Activity Council’s (PAC) Annual Participation Study, over three out of ten Americans plan to spend more on health and fitness by joining or re-joining fitness clubs.

As per a market research report compiled by IBIS world, the demand for gyms and health clubs may increase over the next 5 years.

Name and Nature of the Business

~ Choose a suitable name for your gym to register your business with the state authorities.
~ Determine the nature of your business, whether it is a sole trading company or partnership.
~ You also have an option of taking up a franchise of an already established gym chain.
~ Complete all the legal formalities required for the business.
~ If required take professional advice.

Market Survey

~ Conduct a thorough market research about the lifestyles of prospective customers and the amenities offered by competitors.
~ Depending on your budget you can start a small-time gym in your garage or at a place with high population
~ Consider your long-term expansion plans before selecting the place.
~ Buying a place in a popular area can be very expensive. Hence, it is advisable to follow a rent-to-own policy where you rent a place initially, and later proceed to buying it.
~ It would be great if you can start your gym at places that are easily accessible and visible to your target audience such as, near commercial buildings, shopping malls, movie theaters, or colleges.

Legal Formalities
~ Register your business in terms of ‘doing business as’ with your State government.
~ Get the Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification Number for paying employment taxes.
~ Obtain a National Standard Employer Identifier (NSEI) if you wish to offer health insurance benefit to your employees.
~ Visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website to get a list of documentation required for a business.
~ Register your business for the State and local tax numbers from your State.
~ Acquire all the federal, State, and local licenses and permits.
~ Understand the labor laws before hiring employees.
~ Visit the US Small Business Administration website for more details.

Latest Equipment

~ You will have to buy or rent fitness equipment, like treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowers, weights, etc.
~ The Internet offers a number of sites from where you can buy such equipment at affordable prices.
~ Compare the prices to get the best deals on equipment.
~ Do not buy substandard, cheap equipment as you may end up adding to your maintenance costs.
~ There should be adequate equipment for everyone.
Business Plan
~ Draft a foolproof business plan giving details about the management, operations, finance, and marketing strategies.
~ Decide what type of gym you want to start – a small garage set-up or a grand one.
~ If you have budget constraints, you can start a small gym with basic amenities, and upscale it later.
~ You can solicit the help of a professional accountant for financial matters.
~ Do not forget to include break-even analysis and cash flow statement in the business plan.

Interior Decor and Ambience

~ You can decorate the gym based on your space and budget.
~ In case of a garage gym, there might not be enough space for decoration. So concentrate on equipment and exercise space.
~ For any kind of gym, aesthetically-appealing and energy-invoking decor will have an immense capacity to attract customers.
~ While deciding the colors and flooring, keep in mind the various utilities of different sections.
~ Hang full size mirrors sprawling across the walls wherever necessary.
~ Ensure that your gym is well-ventilated and well-lit. Also, have air conditioning units and fans installed in different areas.
~ Decorate your gym with inspirational images and posters to boost the customers.
~ Use fast and loud music to motivate your customers to keep going.
~ You can also accentuate the decor with small green potted plants.
Financial Planning
~ Invest your own start-up capital to decrease the capital funds from external sources that attract heavy interest.
~ You can also take a government-backed loan or business loan from a bank, or find a person who is interested in becoming your business partner.
~ It is better to derisk the business by sharing the risks with the other partner.
~ Have a risk management plan to support your business plan.
~ Keep all your finance and accounting matters clear by hiring a local CPA to take care of it.
~ Allocate a certain amount from your profits for your future expansion plans.

Qualified Trainers and Staff

~ Hire people having amicable and presentable personalities.
~ You can eliminate the initial need for a gym manager by shouldering the managerial responsibilities.
~ Look out for trainers and dietitians who have certifications and experience in the field of fitness.
~ Do not forget to employ cleaning and maintenance staff who will help in keeping your gym spic and span.

Health, Safety, and Hygiene

~ Have a focused health and safety, and emergency policy.
~ It is preferred that the trainers know Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), or the gym has a defibrillator for people with cardiac problems.
~ Ensure that the gym equipment are not rusted, and there is no oil and grease leakage. All cables and connections must be safely installed and laid to prevent people from stumbling over them.
~ Put up safety and warning signboards wherever required.
~ Spray disinfectants on a regular basis to avoid spreading of fungal and bacterial infections.
~ Keep a consolidated list of contact numbers of doctors and hospitals easily accessible to your staff.
~ Always keep a first aid box ready with basic medical supplies.
~ Conduct repair and restoration activities at regular intervals to keep the machines in running order.

Advertising and Special Offers
~ Advertise your business to withstand competition.
~ Design a logo, and add a catchy slogan.
~ To make your gym visible to the world you can design and host a website on the Internet.
~ Advertise through the local newspapers, radio, television, billboards, and also by posting banners.
~ You may also advertise in coupon magazines.
~ Give special offers and discounts to attract customers initially.
~ You can even utilize sign up sheets or lead boxes to promote your gym.
~ Offer free trials before giving memberships.
~ Having a small event and inviting the press will give your gym the much sought-after mileage.

Tips to Run Your Business Successfully
~ If possible, get hands-on experience before starting a gym.
~ As an owner, it is an added advantage if you get certifications in various fitness trainings.
~ Get an insurance cover for your business.
~ Keep yourself updated about the latest trends in the fitness market.
~ Having a health food bar or drink corner will be appreciated.
~ Plan entertainment and recreation events for customers.
~ Consider the convenience of customers while deciding on the gym timings.
~ Enrich your customer experience with the help of latest technology by integrating several fitness applications in

~ You can opt for carbon free green gyms which run with the help of solar energy.
Thus, it needs a lot of planning and an excellent strategy to start a gym business. Like any other business, this too will take some time to gain momentum. Always strive to ensure that your gym has a competitive edge over the others. After raising considerable funds, think about opening branches of your gym in other areas as well. You can even add a diverse line of gym wear and accessories to your business. Keep on innovating and expanding your business.

Lucrative Businesses to Start Right Now

There are various reasons why individuals need to begin their very own business. The inclination of turning into their own particular manager is a main consideration for the mind blowing number of new businesses that are accounted for consistently. To begin a business, one requires a gainful thought, and the right assets.

Capitalizing on an innovative business idea to realize a hefty profit is another factor which lures budding entrepreneurs. There are also “accidental entrepreneurs,” who end up creating something by simply following their hobby. Whatever may be the reason, every aspiring entrepreneur wants to see his dream take shape. The conception of any business starts with thorough research, and the aim of this article is to provide you with some lucrative business ideas.

There are several companies, especially the ones which are consumer-centric, that require well-researched data before introducing, or producing a product line. For example, products like soap, wafers, toothpaste, and other consumer durables have a variety of brands in the market. Each is competing with the other, hence, they want to cater to all the needs of the consumers. This is where a research service gains importance. To save their time and effort, big companies distribute research packages to small firms which carry out the tedious work for them. Your job will be to generate online or personal survey forms to be filled by people. A research service generally ends here, but if you are already going through this process, you might want to engage into documentation as well. Documentation involves collecting, arranging, and formulating results, based on the research work. The company can also ask for other documentation work, if required. This combination uses all the resources effectively as well as efficiently.

Education industry braved the winds of recession in 2008-09. In fact, during recession people engaged in different courses to sharpen their skills and knowledge. Therefore, starting a tutoring business can be a lucrative option for you. You can either home tutor the students, or you can start an online tutoring venture, where you can teach the students through virtual classrooms.

This is a good business proposition for solo entrepreneurs who would like to cash in on the booming business of foreclosure prevention, mortgage loan modification, and short sales. Of course, one needs to have significant experience in the mortgage industry, and be professionally qualified to tell people the best ways of handling these situations. As most mortgage specialists are either employed by insurance companies, or by mortgage lenders, the business can hope to gain ground only by way of referrals. Generally, people prefer working with specialists, who are employed (or referred to) by insurance companies, rather than those employed by the lender. This is because private mortgage insurance companies have more to lose if the defaulter’s situation is not resolved amicably. To start this venture, you will need a wide network in the insurance industry. There is no initial investment, and you can rely on word-of-mouth publicity, or print few ad leaflets to market yourself.

A credit repair service acts as a middleman between the credit bureaus and the consumer by helping the latter address mistakes in the credit report. Although the consumer can always take up the matter directly with the credit bureaus, the time and the effort involved deter the consumer from addressing the issue. For instance, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge may not get recorded. In other words, the debt balance after bankruptcy discharge may still be positive. In such cases, the credit repair company can ensure that only the history of delinquencies get reported, and not the absolved debt. To start this business, you will need a joint partnership with a credit bureau and a good telecommunication service. A small office with 5-10 employees to start with will suffice the needs of the business.

Working people need someone to take care of their pets during daytime, and this has created a multimillion dollar industry for pet daycare. This business venture requires moderate initial investment, including costs for renting a place, food for pets, and money to be paid to the concerned licensing authority of your area. Location of your business, along with innovative marketing can go a long way in ensuring that you get considerable number of clients once you start up.

The changing lifestyle of people has led to an increase in the number of homeowners taking the help of interior decorators and designers to create splendid and colorful homes. Although one needs a state-issued license to be formally called an interior designer, there are many designers in the market who do not have the required degree, but still are sought-after by homeowners. Interior decoration can be an exciting entrepreneurial option for young designers who have worked for a long time with a firm, and now want to start a business of their own. According to market trends, most interior designers either charge a lump sum for the project they take up, or they are paid on an hourly basis.

There are innumerable talented writers, editors, bookkeepers, translators, and tutors, etc., who have shunned the monotony of a regular, full-time job to start a freelance venture. Opportunities are rising in this field as most companies are now less reluctant to hire freelancers for their projects. There are some caveats though. The freelance market has saturated over the years, and new freelancers are often quoted low-rates. You can certainly moonlight until the time you are sure that you are ready to take the risk of having a non-fixed income for an indefinite period of time. You need to market yourself well as the work involves dealing with clients through internet, where your portfolio will determine the quantity and quality of work that you get to do.

Due to the hectic lifestyle of people, many people don’t want to invest their time in washing their vehicles. They usually look for people who can do it for them quickly and efficiently. This is one of the prime reasons for the growth in the car washing sector. Many aspiring entrepreneurs are looking at this as a great opportunity to start their business. The cost involved in renting a place, buying the required equipment, and employing car washers is moderate, and you can break even within a year of starting.

Looking good is a part of an individual’s overall personality and no matter what state the economy is in, people always manage to spend on grooming and personal care. If you have a knack of experimenting with different hairstyles, or you have some experience with providing services such as facial care, manicure, etc., you can use your skills to start a salon of your own. Renting costs can be high as you will need to position yourself at a bustling location to gain visibility, but the margin for profit is also lucrative in this sector. If you have little or no experience in this field, but sense that this venture can work in your area, you can employ hair stylists and cosmologists to start this business.

During nuptials, everyone wishes that they get to spend some quality time with their loved ones and someone else does the running around for them! This is where wedding planners step in. If you have excellent negotiation and multitasking skills, and have the patience to look after every minute detail, you can think of getting into wedding planning. With people looking for new ways of hosting marriage receptions, you will need to be innovative to make a name for your company in this field. Profit margins are high as you need minimum investment at your end.
It is important to mention that there is a certain amount of risk in every business venture, and you need to ensure that you are taking that into consideration. Launching a business is not a thing that you can do overnight. It requires considerable amount of research and planning to come up with an idea that is unique and popular. It is advised to weight in all the options and prospects before embarking on the journey to own a business.

Tips to Make a Professional Portfolio Cover Page

From a portfolio envelope to a site.

Pick the privilege facilitating and content administration framework that will recreate your work into a one of a kind, easy to understand content on the web.

It’s a no-brainer that any credible portfolio, regardless of profession, requires a well-designed cover page. No individual can skip this step while creating a portfolio as it sets the tone for the entire presentation. Gone are the days when a title page with the individual’s or company’s name would’ve sufficed. Nowadays, professionals are thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative and eye-catching graphics and photographs as their cover pages.

So, if inspiration is what you seek, then this is the right post for you to go through. Along with 7 tips or guidelines for creating the cover page, we have also provided 11 ideas to make a professional portfolio cover page.

7 Tips to Follow
Browsing through the Internet, searching for portfolio cover page ideas and templates is a good thing. However, there are a few points to consider before you finalize a design.
If you can’t design your own cover page, don’t feel shy to consult with a professional portfolio designer. (Hint: Check their portfolio cover pages to get an idea about their experience and creativity.)
Include striking, bold, and engaging graphics and photographs that explain what your portfolio contains. You want to be innovative, but not so ambiguous with your design that a potential client or employer is puzzled from the get-go.

Ensure that the images and/or graphics used for the cover page are authentic and not copyrighted.
Use text on the cover page strategically. It should be placed in such a way that it serves the purpose, but not so loud and in your face that it makes the entire page appear crowded.
The font used for the text needs to complement the graphics and/or photographs. The page is like a complete picture; everything on it should be there for a reason.
Keep your target audience in mind when you design the cover page. For example, a cover page for a science undergrad student cannot have over-the-top graphic elements.
Have a clear picture as to what are you trying to convey or accomplish through the cover page.

11 Portfolio Cover Page Templates
In this section, we have compiled a handful design ideas that you can consider for your cover page. Remember to keep your field of work in mind as you browse the templates.












Once the cover page is out of the way, you can concentrate on putting together an attractive career portfolio. Showcase your skills and abilities in your chosen field of work with old and current work examples as it highlights your accomplishments till date.